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Deleting Blog Site

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I want to thank all of you who have encouraged me along the way with your wonderful comments, and friendly communications, but I’ve decided to delete this site.

Thank you all,


In Addition to This Morning’s Post, and on a Personal Note

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iStock_FaithSmallBy Caroline K.A.

Since my post early this morning, all day I’ve felt restless, and unsettled. It wasn’t until a few minutes ago that I realized why.  I guess you could call it another one of my personal blunder’s as I struggle to find balance while I straddle the thin fence to which I sit. 

It dawned on me today the extent of our ability to truly create our reality.  I’ve had some personal practice with this lately, and it really does work!  I truly believe what we say, do, think, and write have a huge impact on the reality we wish to create.  Maybe the reason I felt such negativity today, is because what I wrote was of a negative nature. Not intentional, but that’s what it was.  I think what I wrote left a negative imprint on my personal space. 

The more I thought about it, I finally realized my written words, and thoughts had created a reality of impossibilities. That’s definitely not what we want.

I think those who have awakened to the fact that we are creators of our own reality, also know anything is possible. The idea is to stay focused on creating a peaceful world, while continuing our inner work, and restoring our faith. With this goal firmly set in our hearts, even during the most difficult of times we can change what may seem to some, as impossible. 

Thank you for listening. :)


Restoring Our Faith in Humanity

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Posted by Caroline K.A. July 17, 2014

Something terrible happened in the world yesterday, and it affects all of us.  A Malaysian passenger flight was shot down over the border of the Ukraine, and Russia with 300 people on board. 

I wonder what has happened to humanity. Will we make it, and will we survive as a compassionate human race? Although we try to support a positive state of being, and often put our faith into the popular phrase, “Everything will be alright.”, our world continues in turmoil.

I’ve noticed our degree of faith is constantly challenged within our personal lives, as well as within our world, but when tragedies like this occur, our faith in humanity is perhaps our greatest challenge yet. There is a noticeable pattern here, and may I add, its been with us all throughout history.  It has left a trail of tragedy behind it, and this trail is one which blatantly attempts to disable our faith in the goodness of humanity.

How do we break the pattern? Better yet, how do we restore our faith in humanity, and break the trail of tragedy once, and for all?  Maybe humanity needs to have absolute faith that we can. This requires every single person on the planet to have absolute faith in themselves, in who they are, and what they’re capable of. Sounds like a tall order, and in fact it is.  It also sounds impossible.

On the other hand, in times of crisis, the people of our planet always come together as one unified body. Suddenly, our eyes fly open, and we’re reminded that we, as a human race, are in big trouble. We quickly remove ourselves from our personal lives, and our list of things to do, and focus on the state of being within our global community.

 What seemed so urgent to take care of before, suddenly is not. We see there are other urgent matters to attend to, and that is the well-being of the world we live in. It is also a major priority if we are to continue to thrive, and flourish as a human race.

As we get down to the root of what ails our world, we return to the beginning of the post, and its title. We must restore faith in humanity in order to break the pattern, and this can only come into being if we restore faith in who we are as individuals first. Once we accomplish that, the rest will fall into place.




We Have the Greatest Confidence in All Of You

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Hands touching a globe

Channelled through Caroline K.A.


Dear Readers,

In addition to Caroline’s last message to you, we would like to say there is no greater difficulty in your world than that of breaking through the illusion of your minds, and what it wants you to believe, rather than what is the truth. It is a task which merits great courage, and committment on the part of each individual who choses to release these confining restrictions the mind refuses to let go of.

It is indeed a fight within oneself which creates numerous conflicts, and emotional upheaval within the individual. We encourage all of you who are currently under going this process of transformation to never lose faith in yourselves, or the great assistance you are receiving at all times. There may be moments when you feel alone in the captivity of your mind, but we assure you this is not the case. Read the rest of this entry »

Dear Readers

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Posted by Caroline K.A. and the Pleiadian Brothers and Sisters of Light


Hello Dear Readers,

This is a short note to say thank you for bearing with me, especially with these most recent posts.  A lot of change is happening with me.  Mainly its about getting past my fears, and doubts which turns out to be a huge blockage for me.

The Pleiadian Brothers and Sisters of Light are working with me on certain techniques which will help get myself out of my mind, and more into my heart. As they say the heart is the door to the Spirit World, and the Soul, while the mind is the home of ego, and false beliefs on every account. This is where the fear stems from, my mind.

I can’t tell you how many times, I’ve received guidance, and assistance when my mind tries to consume me with fear. Eventhough I’ve ridden all my life, these bouts of fear happen especially when I’m out riding my horse. I guess because it’s a significant activity which brings me great joy.  My horse is an animal teacher in my life.  When we’re together, she shows me what lessons I need to learn in order to control these fear issues I’m still dealing with.

I vowed I would not let fear ruin this part of my life, or anything else which brings me joy, so I’m working hard to get it under control, and to learn.

They have taught me how to enter my presence, and enter my heart during these times, even when I’m out riding, where there is no fear, and no mind control.  I’m learning, and I’m very grateful for their help. I’m eager to see how things go this weekend when I’m out riding again.  It’s like putting all the theory I’ve learned during the week, into hands on practice during the weekend.

We just wanted to say thank you for your patience, and understanding. It’s difficult to navigate in an entirely new world I can’t see, and that is another learning process in itself.

Love to you all,

Caroline, and the Pleiadian Brothers and Sisters of Light

Release All Fear and Doubt

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cropped-science-and-spirituality.jpg Channeled through Caroline K.A.

Dearest Souls of Gaia,

There seems to be an on going issue among many who are still quite attached to fear based issues. May we lovingly remind you these issues which still reside within your being will hinder your emergence and divine truth.

The only means of releasing these fear based issues is through acceptance of what is, and faith in the overall occurences which are presently transforming in your inner being, and throughout your entire lives. Read the rest of this entry »

A Guiding Light Through the Tunnel of Darkness

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Channeled through Caroline K.A.


Dearest Souls of Gaia,

We speak with you today on an issue which lies in the hearts of many: those who walk the path of enlightenment, and truth. This issue is of a delicate nature, and we wish to advocate our diplomacy regarding such a delicate matter for those of you who reside on your Earth.

We speak of the ongoing situation in the Middle East which is a current boiling pot of hatred between the Muslim community’s within Iraq, and Afghanistan. Read the rest of this entry »

Spiritual Guidance: Remember Your Divine, Sacred Nature

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Thank you Wes, again, for a wonderful piece which truly touched my heart. Inspiration and encouragement are highly visible in all your work and it’s greatly appreciated. *Caroline Aguiar

Originally posted on The Culture of Awareness:

Conveyed through Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

You can each open up to the influence of spirit and flow from there with energy and information that are intended to help you find a greater state of consciousness, and everything the Company of Heaven does is for the purpose of helping every lower-dimensional planet and civilization re-find the higher realms.

Once you’re back in our realms, we can envision many of you taking further lower-dimensional experiences so you can assist in the evolutions of various other planets and civilizations who’s ascensions will be enabled and kick-started by that of the earth.

Your earthly ascension is one of the first steps to the ascension of the universe, and as you excel along your ascension path, so do other planets and civilizations excel along theirs.

If we could only communicate how infinitely connected you are with the rest of the beautiful and…

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