Our Inner Garden


We are our own inner garden, and within us lies a rich source of wisdom which only we can cultivate.  This begins when we plant the first seeds of love, and nurturing care that only we are capable of doing.  The fruits of our garden do not come from outside sources.  It comes from the seeds we plant inside of us.

On a daily basis tend to your inner garden with love, and compassion. Water it with faith, and forgiveness. Express your gratitude to the elements of nature that assist you.  Be grateful for your life, and those life experiences which are the seeds that make your garden grow.


- A Loving Aspect of Self -



There comes a time in our lives when you’ll know its time to let go of ego based fears, and ways of being.  It won’t be a magical realization, but a gentle knowing which comes from deep within your heart, and it will tell you, you are no longer the jailer’s prisoner. You are no longer under the control of your ego.

That is when true freedom to be who you are will explode with such force there will be no stopping it, nor would you want it too.

- A Loving Aspect of Self -

Healing Comes From Within


The healing of our soul wounds comes from within, and it is there we find the origins of our rising issues which constantly remind us of the illusion we live in.  The only means of extinguishing these old, and festering wounds is to travel to their source, and seek out the loving guidance of our ancestors who will guide us to a place of compassionate healing, and growth.

- A Loving Aspect of Self -

Reconecting With Our True Self


All Earth traditions began with indigenous origins.  All nations, all people were once deeply connected to the Earth.  It is there beneath her mantle we shall uncover the truth of who we are. It is there within her warm embrace we will truly come to know ourselves once again.

It is our ancestors who will show us the way back to that lost connection with the earth, and with all life. If we are to salvage our connection with her, we must seek out the wisdom and knowledge of the ancestors.  They are the teachers who will guide us back to our truth, and reconnect us with our True Self.

- A Loving Aspect of Self -

The Nature of Your Being


True healing comes from within, and it can only begin when you realize the true nature of your being that is, in fact, what you have chosen to ignore.  There comes a time when you can no longer ignore who you are, or what you came here to do.

No matter how hard you try, your True Self will pound at your door until its heard, and this we call realizing your truth.

- A Loving Aspect of Self -