Acceptance of What Is



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This will  be a short post, I think.  At least that’s the idea. Who knows what will flow from my thoughts once my fingers are moving across the keyboard.  My entries are random, and that’s because I’ve decided to write only when I feel the inspiration to do so.  When I write, I’d like it to come straight from the heart.  It’s not something that’s forced, at least it isn’t if I’m not writing for a set deadline (which I never will) so that allows me the freedom of spontaneity.

Call it prodding of the Spirit, Soul, or whatever, but as my life plays out in front of my eyes, sometimes I feel a sudden inspiration to write about it because life has brought heavy tests, inner growth, change, and learning into my constant awareness these days, up close and personal.  No doubt this is true for many of us. Continue reading

The Question of Change and Our Faith to See It Through



Lately I only write on my blog when I feel the after effects of the latest tornado which has blown through my life because I also feel it might have some significance with others and what they might be experiencing as well. I do this maybe so I don’t feel so alone in the world, even though I’m constantly surrounded by people, it is possible, I think, to still feel alone.  Perhaps it’s also possible to feel like your on the wrong planet at times.

Someone recently told me there are rough times ahead for all of us, particularly in March because of the heavy incoming light energies which will shake us up in different ways.  From a worldly view-point, this is absolutely true. On a personal level, only each of us will know the answer to that. Continue reading

A Question of the Heart from Me to You


It’s been a very long time since my last post, and as I write to you this morning I hope all of you are well and thriving.  Right now it’s 4am.  I woke up early again this morning, and after my long absence from any attempts at writing, I felt inspired to reach out to others instead of hiding within my own little world of periodic uncertainty.

It’s true, all of us are faced with choices to make upon our every waking moment each day of our lives. One of my greatest, and most ardent choices which comes my way the moment I open my eyes in the morning is my choice to live in fear, or to live in love?  The answer to that question is obvious, but judging from my past experiences, and you may agree, depending on your own experiences, this is not so easily done.

On a collective viewpoint, I chose love hands down,  but lately I’ve found that I’m having episodes of emerging/internal anger, and depression which at times is very scary. I don’t know where it comes from, but low and behold, it comes at times when certain vasanas are triggered. These triggers come from the same people who have always pushed my buttons, or from the same life circumstances, but now these episodes of anger are getting more intense, and I don’t know why.  Thank god, I’m alone when this anger comes up, but it’s so intense, I’d say it’s almost like rage.  My being an Empath doesn’t help either.

I’ve read some very intense energies are coming to the planet these days. Much more intense than before, and it will appear as if our personal lives, and the world are falling down around us.  Big changes may have already occurred in your lives.  They sure have in mine, and quite frankly it’s hard to deal with, but in spite of any turmoil which might arise in our lives we go on don’t we. There are days when I feel I can’t, but something inside me pushes me forward no matter what. Survival instincts do you suppose?

I wanted to check with you, those who read this blog, maybe to reassure myself I’m not the only one who feel crazy these days, but also to let you know, you’re not the only one either, and if there is any feedback on these anger issues would you please tell me?  I would really appreciate it.  I have a feeling our loving universe is throwing our most intense issues in our faces for a very good reason, but hey, do we get a break now and then or not?

Be well.  May you bask in internal peace, and love,


Merry Christmas to Everyone!

I just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a joyous holiday season.  Thank you all for you support, your friendship, and well wishes.


May love and laughter light your days and warm your hearts and home.

May good and faithful friends be yours wherever you may roam.

May peace and plenty bless your world with joy that long endures.

May all life’s passing seasons bring the best to you and yours.

– Irish Blessing –


Our Inner Garden


We are our own inner garden, and within us lies a rich source of wisdom which only we can cultivate.  This begins when we plant the first seeds of love, and nurturing care that only we are capable of doing.  The fruits of our garden do not come from outside sources.  It comes from the seeds we plant inside of us.

On a daily basis tend to your inner garden with love, and compassion. Water it with faith, and forgiveness. Express your gratitude to the elements of nature that assist you.  Be grateful for your life, and those life experiences which are the seeds that make your garden grow.


– A Loving Aspect of Self -



There comes a time in our lives when you’ll know its time to let go of ego based fears, and ways of being.  It won’t be a magical realization, but a gentle knowing which comes from deep within your heart, and it will tell you, you are no longer the jailer’s prisoner. You are no longer under the control of your ego.

That is when true freedom to be who you are will explode with such force there will be no stopping it, nor would you want it too.

– A Loving Aspect of Self -

Healing Comes From Within


The healing of our soul wounds comes from within, and it is there we find the origins of our rising issues which constantly remind us of the illusion we live in.  The only means of extinguishing these old, and festering wounds is to travel to their source, and seek out the loving guidance of our ancestors who will guide us to a place of compassionate healing, and growth.

– A Loving Aspect of Self -